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41 The Trip, Part 1 When Jerry is asked to appear on The Tonight Show in Los Angeles, George accompanies him to look for Kramer, in a continuation of the season three finale.
42 The Trip, Part 2 Kramer is arrested when he is mistaken for a serial killer. After he is exonerated, Jerry, George, and he return to New York.
43 The Pitch NBC television executives approach Jerry and George to write a pilot for a sitcom. Crazy Joe Davola begins to stalk both Jerry and Kramer.
44 The Ticket Newman uses Kramer as his witness when the former refuses to pay for a speeding ticket.
45 The Wallet Jerry is asked to explain to his parents why he does not wear the watch they gave him. Morty Seinfeld thinks his wallet has been stolen from him at his doctor's appointment.
46 The Watch Jerry tries to buy his watch back from Uncle Leo, who found it in the trash can where Jerry had thrown it away. George tries to resurrect the fledgling NBC deal, while Elaine plans a break up from her psychotherapist with Kramer's help.
47 The Bubble Boy Jerry agrees to visit a boy who lives in a plastic bubble on the way to Susan's parents' cabin. Jerry loses his way, though, and George and Susan visit the boy instead.
48 The Cheever Letters Jerry offends Elaine's assistant. Kramer makes a contact for Cuban cigars. A box of letters from John Cheever is all that remains after Susan's father's cabin burns down.
49 The Opera Elaine realizes her boyfriend is actually Crazy Joe Davola. George, Jerry, and she then endure a night at the opera with a group of clowns.
50 The Virgin Jerry discovers the woman [guest star Jane Leeves] he is dating is a virgin. Kramer continues to harass Jerry and George when they are trying to write a teleplay for their NBC pilot.
51 The Contest After George is caught masturbating by his mother, the four main characters devise a contest to see who can go the longest without pleasuring him/herself. Marla, Jerry's girlfriend, with whom he has yet to have sex with, learns of the contest and is disgusted. Elaine meets John F. Kennedy, Jr.. George's mother is hospitalized.
52 The Airport Jerry and Elaine experience the differences between travelling in first class and in coach. George and Kramer travel to two different airports after a flight is rerouted.
53 The Pick Jerry is seen ostensibly picking his nose by his new girlfriend, a model, and tries to convince her that he was only scratching around his nose. Elaine mails a Christmas card that is unintentionally revealing.
54 The Movie The four main characters continually miss each other as they try to attend a film together.
55 The Visa Jerry's attempts to keep Babu Bhatt from being deported turn out unsuccessful. Elaine tries to get George's attorney girlfriend to effect the dropping of a lawsuit against Elaine.
56 The Shoes Jerry and George have their television pilot shelved after each sneaks a look at the cleavage of the daughter of an NBC executive; Elaine tries to ameliorate the problem.
57 The Outing Jerry and George are mistaken as homosexuals by a college newspaper reporter and are publicly outed.
58 The Old Man Jerry, George, and Elaine volunteer to spend time with senior citizens.
59 The Implant Jerry sends Elaine to find out if his new girlfriend Sidra's [guest star Teri Hatcher] breasts are natural or faux. George "double dips" a chip at a funeral repast, for which he is chastized.
60 The Junior Mint Jerry is puzzled after he cannot remember the name of his girlfriend; he recalls only her observation that it rhymes with a part of the female anatomy. While Kramer and Jerry watch an operation performed on a former boyfriend of Elaine, Kramer drops a Junior Mints candy into the man's open chest cavity, with salutary results.
61 The Smelly Car A valet with offensive body odor stinks up Jerry's car and anyone who comes in contact with him. George believes he affected Susan's becoming a lesbian.
62 The Handicap Spot George parks his father's car in a handicap parking spot; after a disabled driver is unable to find a handicap spot and is injured, an angry mob destroys the car. Elaine and Jerry buy a television as a wedding gift for "The Drake", but then the wedding is called off. Frank Costanza appears for the first time as George becomes his butler after his father is ticketed for having had his car in a handicap spot.
63 The Pilot, Part 1 Jerry and George begin casting for their pilot, Jerry, which is finally ready. George is upset over the casting of his alter ego. NBC executive Russell Dalrimple becomes obsessed with Elaine, who files a complaint when she concludes that Monk's is hiring only large-breasted women.
64 The Pilot, Part 2 Jerry and George prepare for the taping of Jerry and each of the principal four gives tips to his/her television alter ego. Elaine wears a disguise to hide from Dalrimple.

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