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135 The Foundation While George would rather forget of his fiancee Susan's tragic demise, Susan's parents want to keep her memory alive by creating a foundation. Jerry reunites with Dolores [aka Mulva] from The Junior Mint. J. Peterman has a nervous breakdown and leaves Elaine in charge, and Kramer becomes a martial arts expert.
136 The Soul Mate Kramer falls for Jerry's girlfriend and goes to Newman for advice. Elaine tells her friends she does not want a baby after her woman friends convince her to. George thinks the foundation lawyer assumes that he killed Susan.
137 The Bizarro Jerry Elaine sets Jerry up on a date with a woman who has "man hands". George uses a picture of Jerry's date to get in an exclusive part of town. Kramer uses a bathroom in an office building and begins working there.
138 The Little Kicks Jerry and Kramer go to the movies with a friend who makes bootleg tapes. Elaine holds a party for her co-workers where she loses respect when they see her dance.
139 The Package George finds out that the woman at a photo store is looking at his pictures. Jerry refuses delivery of a package with no return address. Elaine tries to retrieve her medical records when she begins having problems with her doctor due to her attitude.
140 The Fatigues Jerry is interested when he learns that his girlfriend has a mentor. George prepares to give a speech on risk management. Elaine prepares to fire a co-worker but instead promotes him when she approaches him.
141 The Checks Elaine learns her new boyfriend has some obsessive behaviors. Jerry keeps receiving checks from a guest appearance on Japanese television. Kramer warns George that his carpet cleaners are part of a religious cult.
142 The Chicken Roaster A Kenny Rogers Chicken restaurant opens across from Jerry's apartment with very bright neon lights. Kramer cannot sleep because of the light and seeks solace at Jerry's where he becomes addicted to the chicken by Newman. Elaine begins using the J. Peterman expense account. George tries to score a second date with a saleswoman by leaving a large hat at her house.
143 The Abstinence George's girlfriend has infectious mononucleosis and that they will not be able to have sex for at least 6 weeks. Jerry agrees to make an appearance at his former junior high's career day. Elaine meets a doctor who does not have a license yet. Kramer smokes in the coffee shop and is asked to leave.
144 The Andrea Doria Jerry takes Kramer to his self storage space where they learn Newman has been hoarding mail. George becomes excited about a new apartment he is about to move into. Elaine is set up on a blind date who has a hard time breaking up with people.
145 The Little Jerry Kramer gets a pet rooster he names "Little Jerry Seinfeld". George visits a woman's prison where he does not see what he had expected. Elaine discovers her boyfriend once had a full head of hair and convinces him to grow it back. A store owner exposes Jerry's bad check currently on display which raises much discussion.
146 The Money Jerry's parents sell their Cadillac to a neighbor in order to give Jerry some money. Jerry quickly buys back the car but remains stuck in Florida when he does not have money to return home. George's parents announce they are moving to Florida which the Seinfelds object to. Elaine returns to her old position at work.
147 The Comeback George has trouble thinking of a retort to one of his co-workers. Jerry buys a tennis racket believed to be used by a pro. Elaine and Kramer discuss employee picks at the video store. Kramer creates a living will.
148 The Van Buren Boys Everyone seems to have a problem with Jerry's new girlfriend who he sees as "perfect". George interviews students for the foundation's first academic scholarship. Elaine is asked to ghostwrite the autobiography of J. Peterman. Kramer has a run-in with infamous "Van Buren boys".
149 The Susie Elaine creates an alter ego named "Susie" who co-workers believe is actually real. Jerry's ex-friend who once labeled him a "phony" becomes a bookie. George's girlfriend wants to break up with him but he avoids it by screening his phone calls. Kramer places a bet.
150 The Pothole Kramer adopts a piece of a highway after he complains about a very large pothole. Jerry's girlfriend [Kristin Davis] uses a toothbrush that was once dropped in the toilet. George brags about a new key ring given to him by George Steinbrenner.
151 The English Patient Elaine hates a movie that everyone else seems to love. Jerry is challenged by one of his father's neighbors to a series physical challenges leading the old man to the hospital. A woman mistakes George for her boyfriend.
152 The Nap George creates a desk he can sleep in at work after having trouble sleeping. Jerry has his kitchen remodeled. Elaine's boyfriend worries about her back and buys her a mattress. Kramer begins swimming in the East River after becoming restricted at a community pool.
153 The Yada Yada George's girlfriend uses a particular phrase constantly. Jerry isn't big on his dentist's joke on being Jewish.
154 The Millennium Kramer makes plans for New Year's 2000 and wonders what the future may be like. Elaine gets bad service at a store and begins shopping at a similar store. Jerry learns he is on his girlfriend's speed dial.
155 The Muffin Tops Elaine tells Kramer that stories he sold to Peterman were published in his autobiography. Elaine's old boss, Mr. Lippman, steals her idea for a muffin shop. Kramer then decides to create a "Peterman Reality Tour". Jerry starts shaving his chest hair for his new girlfriend. George pretends to be a tourist in order to go out with a woman.
156 The Summer of George George decides to take the summer off when he learns he can receive severance pay. Jerry and Kramer attend the Tony awards where Jerry brings a date who he fears has a boyfriend at home. Kramer fills seats at the awards and pretends to accept an award with a cast ensemble.

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