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Wayne Knight

Wayne Knight
as Newman
Portrays Newman
Appears in the following 46 episodes.
Season 3:The Suicide, The Boyfriend, Part 1, The Boyfriend, Part 2, The Parking Space, The Keys
Season 4:The Pitch, The Ticket, The Pick, The Old Man, The Pilot, Part 1, The Pilot, Part 2
Season 5:The Sniffing Accountant, The Lip Reader, The Non-Fat Yogurt, The Barber, The Marine Biologist, The Raincoats, Part 1, The Raincoats, Part 2
Season 6:The Big Salad, The Switch, The Label Maker, The Scofflaw, The Doodle, The Diplomat's Club
Season 7:The Engagement, The Soup Nazi, The Pool Guy, The Seven, The Shower Head, The Calzone, The Bottle Deposit, Part 1, The Bottle Deposit, Part 2
Season 8:The Soul Mate, The Package, The Chicken Roaster, The Andrea Doria, The Pothole, The Millennium, The Muffin Tops
Season 9:The Butter Shave, The Blood, The Junk Mail, The Merv Griffin Show, The Betrayal, The Reverse Peephole, The Cartoon, The Bookstore, The Clip Show, Part 1, The Clip Show, Part 2, The Finale, Part 1, The Finale, Part 2

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