Profile for
Susan Biddle Ross - Character

Heidi Swedberg
as Susan Biddle Ross
Portrayed by Heidi Swedberg
Appears in the following 31 episodes.
Season 4:The Pitch, The Ticket, The Wallet, The Watch, The Bubble Boy, The Cheever Letters, The Opera, The Virgin, The Pick, The Smelly Car, The Pilot, Part 1, The Pilot, Part 2
Season 7:The Engagement, The Postponement, The Maestro, The Soup Nazi, The Secret Code, The Pool Guy, The Sponge, The Rye, The Caddy, The Seven, The Cadillac, Part 1, The Cadillac, Part 2, The Doll, The Friars Club, The Wig Master, The Wait Out, The Invitations
Season 9:The Betrayal, The Finale, Part 1, The Finale, Part 2

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