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Ruthie Cohen (Cashier) - Character
Portrayed by Ruth Cohen
Appears in the following 56 episodes.
Season 4:The Trip, Part 1, The Trip, Part 2, The Pitch, The Virgin, The Contest, The Pick, The Visa, The Shoes, The Outing, The Old Man, The Junior Mint, The Smelly Car
Season 5:The Mango
Season 7:The Gum, The Doll, The Friars Club, The Wait Out, The Invitations
Season 8:The Foundation, The Soul Mate, The Bizarro Jerry, The Little Kicks, The Fatigues, The Checks, The Chicken Roaster, The Abstinence, The Little Jerry, The Money, The Comeback, The Van Buren Boys, The Susie, The Pothole, The English Patient, The Nap, The Yada Yada, The Muffin Tops, The Summer of George
Season 9:The Butter Shave, The Voice, The Serenity Now, The Blood, The Junk Mail, The Merv Griffin Show, The Betrayal, The Apology, The Strike, The Reverse Peephole, The Cartoon, The Strongbox, The Wizard, The Burning, The Bookstore, The Frogger, The Maid, The Clip Show, Part 1, The Clip Show, Part 2, The Finale, Part 1, The Finale, Part 2

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