Profile for
Norman Brenner
Portrays Beder
Portrays Chef
Portrays Clerk
Portrays Ian
Portrays Man
Portrays Man at Airport
Portrays Man in Coffee Shop
Portrays Man in Store
Portrays Man on Sidewalk
Portrays Man waiting in restaurant
Portrays Man walking into Elevator
Portrays Manager
Portrays Rider #4
Appears in the following 1 episode.
Season 1:The Stakeout, The Stock Tip
Season 2:The Ex-Girlfriend, The Jacket, The Deal, The Chinese Restaurant
Season 3:The Tape, The Limo
Season 4:The Shoes
Season 6:The Doodle
Season 7:The Maestro, The Wig Master
Season 8:The Fatigues, The Muffin Tops

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