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Larry David
Appears in the following 16 episodes.
Season 2:The Revenge, The Heart Attack, The Chinese Restaurant
Season 3:The Pen, The Alternate Side, The Parking Space
Season 4:The Trip, Part 1, The Trip, Part 2, The Airport, The Pick, The Movie, The Pilot, Part 2
Season 5:The Cigar Store Indian, The Dinner Party, The Marine Biologist, The Stand-In, The Raincoats, Part 1, The Raincoats, Part 2, The Fire, The Opposite
Season 6:The Chinese Woman, The Secretary, The Race, The Switch, The Jimmy, The Understudy
Season 7:The Wink, The Hot Tub, The Gum, The Caddy, The Calzone, The Bottle Deposit, Part 1, The Bottle Deposit, Part 2
Season 8:The Nap, The Millennium, The Muffin Tops
Season 9:The Clip Show, Part 1, The Clip Show, Part 2, The Finale, Part 1, The Finale, Part 2

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