Profile for
Helen Seinfeld - Character

Liz Sheridan
as Helen Seinfeld
Portrayed by Liz Sheridan
Appears in the following 24 episodes.
Season 1:The Stakeout
Season 2:The Pony Remark
Season 3:The Pen
Season 4:The Wallet, The Watch, The Outing, The Pilot, Part 1, The Pilot, Part 2
Season 5:The Wife, The Raincoats, Part 1, The Raincoats, Part 2
Season 6:The Kiss Hello, The Doodle
Season 7:The Cadillac, Part 1, The Cadillac, Part 2, The Shower Head
Season 8:The Little Jerry, The Money, The Van Buren Boys, The English Patient
Season 9:The Blood, The Wizard, The Bookstore, The Finale, Part 1, The Finale, Part 2

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