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Package Installation - Sitecore

Modified on Tue, Mar 13, 2012, 8:53 AM by Administrator Categorized as Sitecore


Sitecore has a number of "packages" which can be downloaded and installed to extend your Sitecore instance. This article walks through how to install such a package.


1. Download and copy the package to your local machine

2. Log into the Sitecore Desktop (i.e., be sure to select the Desktop option when logging in)

Sitecore Login Options

Sitecore Login Options

3. From the Sitecore menu, navigate to Control Panel.

4. Within the Control Panel, click Administration, then Install a Package.

5. Click the Upload button to upload the package to the server from your local machine.

6. After the Upload File Wizard finishes, click the Next button to continue and finish the Install Package wizard.

Note: packages are uploaded to the (site root)\App_Data\packages folder in your Sitecore instance.
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