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Installing Sitecore

Modified on Thu, Feb 23, 2012, 2:11 PM by Administrator Categorized as Sitecore

Setting up the Second Developer's Machine

1. Installation Mode — Several steps into the installation wizard, choose an Installation Mode of Expert.

2. Instance Name — Specify an instance name the same as you did for the first installation.

3. Database Server and Installation Type — Specify the same Database Server as for the first time, and an Installation Type of "Client only (databases are not installed)"

4. Database Server — Specify the same Database Server as for the first time.

5. Database Prefix — The database prefix is used when naming the Core, Master, and Web databases. The actual database names will be DatabasePrefixSitecore_Core, DatabasePrefixSitecore_Master, and DatabasePrefixSitecore_Web.

6. IIS Web Site — Create a new website, giving the same name as for the first installation

7. IIS Application Pool — Create a new application pool, calling it whatever you like.

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