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Chapter 01: Introducing ASP.NET 4.0 - MCTS Exam 70-515 »

Modified on Thu, Dec 22, 2011, 2:04 PM by Administrator Paths: MCTS Exam 70-515 Categorized as MCTS Exam 70-515

Lesson 1: Understanding Web Communications

Status Code Groups

Status Code GroupDescription
4xxClient Error
5xxServer Error

Lesson 2: Creating a Website and Adding New Pages

Server Options When Creating a Website

File SystemDebugs within VS ASP.NET development server.
FTPTypically used with a remote server.
HTTPSite is deployed inside IIS (locally or remotely). Remote server requires the WebDAV Publishing role service or MS Front Page Server Extensions 2002. NOTE: IIS 7.5 doesn't support Front Page Server Extensions because it uses WebDAV natively; therefore this option is not available for IIS 7.5.

Website vs. Web Application

Web applications differ from websites in several important ways.

  • You can create an MVC application.
  • Visual Studio stores the list of files in a project file (.csproj or .vbproj), rather than relying on the folder structure.
  • You cannot mix Visual Basic and C#.
  • You cannot edit code without stopping a debugging session.
  • You can establish dependencies between multiple web projects.
  • You must compile the application before deployment, which prevents you from testing a page if another page will not compile.
  • You do not have to store the source code on the server.
  • You can control the assembly name and version.
  • You cannot edit individual files after deployment without recompiling

Lesson 3: Working with Web Configuration Files

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