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Report Publisher Add-In for Visual Studio 2005

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Report Publisher is an Add-In for Visual Studio 2005 which provides a shortcut for publishing a report to a report server. Like the build-in Deploy feature, it uses the TargetReportFolder and TargetServerURL project properties. It is different from the built-in Deploy feature as follows.

  • Does NOT try to build the project before deploying the report.
  • Deploys the report with the .RDL file extension. (The built-in Deploy function deploys the report with no file extension.)
  • Does NOT deploy the report's data source object.
  • Provides a link to the report's Property page on the report server.
  • Allows the developer to more easily publish to multiple environments.

Using the Add-In


(1) For the report project of interest, open the Project Properties dialog, which is available at the very bottom of the Project menu, or from the context menu for the project in the Solution Explorer.

(2) Create a new configuration or edit an existing on to specify the TargetReportFolder and TargetServerURL properties. If you specify a TargetServerURL as simply http://ServerName the add-in will figure out the rest.

Project Properties Dialog

Project Properties Dialog

Publishing a Report

(1) Select the Publish Report menu item, which is available in three places: (a) On the Build menu; (b) on the context menu for any report (*.rdl file) in the Solution Explorer; (c) on the context menu for the report's designer window.

Context Menu

Context Menu

(2) In the Publish Report dialog, specify the Deployment Target desired and click the Publish button.

Publish Report Dialog

Publish Report Dialog

(3) At the bottom of the Publish Report dialog is a hyperlink to the report's Property page on the report server. You can use this link to adjust the report's Data Source, and also to test the report.


A setup program to install the add-in can be found here.

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