Cast and Summary for
The Trip, Part 1

Cast Summary
Jason Alexander as George Lewis Costanza
Jerry Seinfeld as Jerry Seinfeld
Michael Richards as Cosmo Kramer
Elmarie Wendel as Helene
Peter Murnik as Lt. Martel
Dyana Ortelli as Chambermaid Lupe
Corbin Bernsen as Corbin Bernsen
George Wendt as George Wendt
Debi Monahan as Chelsea Lang
Marty Rackham as Officer #1
Christopher Moore as Studio Guard
Fred Savage as Fred Savage
Will Nye as Airport Security Guy
Winston Rocha as Security Agent
Vaughn Armstrong as Lt. Coleman
Ricky Logan as The Freak
Michael Gerard as Receptionist
Keith Morrison as Newscaster
Kerry Michaels as Woman
Larry Charles as Man in Hallway
Larry David as Man in Hallway
Manfred Melcher as Officer Ross
Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine Marie Benes
Ann Talman as Woman in exercise video
Clint Howard as Tobias Lehigh Nagy
Deck McKenzie as Reporter #2
Ruth Cohen as Ruthie Cohen (Cashier)
Steve Doherty as Prison Guard
Steve Greenstein as Man
Towanna King as Secretary
Peter Parros as Officer #2
Peggy Lane as Reporter #1
Episode 41
Season 4
Director Tom Cherones
Writers Larry Charles
First Aired August 12, 1992
Summary When Jerry is asked to appear on The Tonight Show in Los Angeles, George accompanies him to look for Kramer, in a continuation of the season three finale.

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