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The Seinfeld Chronicles

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Comedy club
Jerry You know why we're here [in this Comedy club]? To be out, this is "out". And "out" is one of the single most enjoyable experiences of life. People ... did you ever hear people talking about "We should go out"? This is what they're talking about, this whole thing. We're all out now. No one is home. Not one person here is home. We're all out! There are people trying to find us. They don't know where we are.

[imitates one of these people trying to find us via the phone] "Did you ring?, I can't find him." [imitates another person on phone] "Where did he go?" [the first person again] "He didn't tell me where he was going". He must have gone out.

You want to go out. You get ready. You pick out the clothes, right? You take the shower. You get all ready, get the cash, get your friends, the car, the spot, the reservation. There you're standing around. What do you do? You go: "We got to be getting back". Once you're out, you want to get back! You want to go to sleep. You want to get up. You want to go out again tomorrow, right? Where ever you are in life, it's my feeling, you've got to go.

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