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Santa’s Pack Held Thirty Toys

Modified on 2009/01/21 08:32 by Administrator Categorized as Puzzles
Solve this logic puzzle involving five of Santa’s elves, dressed in five different colors, who made five different types of toys and in five different amounts.

  1. Ole Santa’s pack held 30 toys made by his elfin crew; and though none made the same amount, each elf made more than two.
  2. The elf named Cher made one more toy than the elf who dressed in reds,
  3. but Cher made one less Christmas toy than the elf who made the sleds.
  4. Spry Johnny Elf made racing cars;
  5. five toys were made by Jane.
  6. The elf who dressed in yellow suits made each and every train.
  7. The elf who always dressed in green made one-third as many as Sue.
  8. Cute Marcia Elf was dressed in orange, and one elf dressed in blue.
  9. The elf who made the spinning tops made the most toys of them all.
  10. Another perky, smilling elf made each and every ball.

Ole Santa’s pack held thirty gifts all tagged for girls and boys. From the clues that you’ve been given, now guess who made what toys.

Scroll down for solution.

  • Sue dressed in blue and made 9 tops.
  • Marcia dressed in orange and made 7 sleds.
  • Cher dressed in yellow and made 6 trains.
  • Jane dressed in red and made 5 balls.
  • Johnny dressed in green and made 3 cars.

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