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syscomments System Table - SQL Server 2000

Modified on Fri, May 01, 2009, 10:53 AM by Administrator Categorized as SQL Server System Tables
Contains entries for each view, rule, default, trigger, CHECK constraint, DEFAULT constraint, and stored procedure. The text column contains the original SQL definition statements, which are limited to a maximum size of 4 MB. This table is stored in each database.

Important None of the entries in syscomments should be deleted. If an entry in syscomments is manually removed or modified, the corresponding stored procedure will not function properly. To hide or encrypt stored procedure definitions, use CREATE PROCEDURE with the ENCRYPTION keyword.

Column nameData typeDescription
idintObject ID to which this text applies.
numbersmallintNumber within procedure grouping, if grouped.  0 for entries that are not procedures.
colidsmallintRow sequence number for object definitions longer than 4,000 characters.
statussmallintFor internal use only.
ctextvarbinary(8000)Actual text of the SQL definition statement.
texttypesmallint0 = User-supplied comment; 1 = system-supplied comment; 4 = encrypted comment
languagesmallintFor internal use only.
encryptedbitIndicates whether the procedure is encrypted: 0 = not encrypted; 1 = encrypted
compressedbitIndicates whether or not the procedure is compressed: 0 = not compressed; 1 = compressed
textnvarchar(4000)Actual text of the SQL definition statement.

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