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log_shipping_primaries System Table - SQL Server 2000

Modified on Mon, Jun 08, 2009, 12:46 PM by Administrator Categorized as SQL Server System Tables
This table is stored in the MSDB database.

Column nameData typeDescription
primary_idint (IDENTITY)Artificial unique key.
primary_server_namesysnameName of primary server in log shipping pair.
primary_databasenamesysnameName of primary database in log shipping pair.
maintenance_plan_iduniqueidentifierMaintenance plan ID.
backup_thresholdIntNumber of minutes without a backup occurring, before raising an error.
threshold_alertintError to raise if transaction log backups stop occurring.
threshold_alert_enabledbitStatus of threshold alert: 0 = disabled; 1 = enabled.
last_backup_filenamenvarchar(500)File name of the most recent transaction log backup.
last_updateddatetimeDate (on the monitor server) that the primary last updated the last_backup_filename column.
planned_outage_start_timeintStart time of the window during which threshold alerts will not be raised (in HHMMSS format).
planned_outage_end_timeintEnd time of the window during which threshold alerts will not be raised (in HHMMSS format).
planned_outage_weekday_maskint1 = Sunday; 2 = Monday; 4 = Tuesday; 8 = Wednesday; 16 = Thursday; 32 = Friday; 64 = Saturday
source_directorynvarchar(500)Source directory.

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