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Visual SourceSafe Analyzer

Modified on Thu, Jan 15, 2009, 10:04 AM by Administrator Categorized as Visual Studio and Developer Tools
Visual SourceSafe comes with an analysis tool file which Microsoft recommends you to run every three to six months to keep the database from corrupting.

Default LocationC:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VSS\win32\
Typical Command"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VSS\win32\ANALYZE.EXE" -f -c -v4 "{srcsafe-ini-folder}1"

1 The folder of the srcsafe.ini file can be found via the SourceSafe client by navigating to File menu > SourceSafe Database. This will open the Open SourceSafe Database dialog. The folder of interest is in the Path column, as shown below.


Help Text
Usage: analyze [options] <[SourceSafe DataBase][@Response File][List of files]>
   -? -h Display this help message.
   -b<folder> Specify the folder to use for backup.
   -c Compress unused space.
   -d Delete unused files.
   -f Automatically fix files with corruptions.
   -x Do not attempt to lock the database when analyzing (not recommended).
   -v1 Show only critical errors.
   -v2 Show only significant errors.
   -v3 Show all errors and inconsistencies.
   -v4 Show errors, inconsistencies, and informational notes.
   -i- When the analysis is complete the program exits.
Analyze Visual SourceSafe Version 6.0d (Build 31222)

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