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Team Foundation Server Basics

Modified on Thu, Jul 29, 2010, 10:23 AM by Administrator Categorized as Visual Studio and Developer Tools


Before you can do anything in TFS you must be connected to the TFS server via Tools menu > Connect to Team Foundation Server, which will open the Team Explorer window.


Source Control

To open source control for a project, double-click its Source Control node in the Team Explorer window.

Opening Source Control

Opening Source Control

Moving Source Code

To restructure your local source code folders, use the following procedure.

(1) Check in all pending changes

(2) Restructure the local folders as desired

(3) If necessary, connect to TFS.

(4) Navigate to File menu > Source Control > Workspaces...


(5) In the Manage Workspaces dialog, select the workspace of interest and click the Edit button.

(6) In the Edit Workspaces dialog, edit the local folders to reflect their new locations.

Edit Workspace Dialog

Edit Workspace Dialog

(7) For each solution/project affected, perform a Get Latest on the solution/project.

Adding Files to Source Control

(1) Within TFS Source Control Explorer, navigate to the folder you want to add files to.

(2) Make note of the Local Path, as seen in the following screen shot.

(3) Place the files to be added to TFS into the Local Path noted above.

(4) Click the Add Files button on the Source Control Explorer's toolbar.

Adding files to TFS

Adding files to TFS

Files Checked Out to a User

In a Visual Studio Command Window
tf status /s:TeamServer /u:{userid|*} 

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