Updating an SSL Certificate on Elastic Beanstalk - Amazon Web Services


This article provides one procedure for updating a certificate on an Elastic Beanstalk environment


(1) Navigate to Services > Certificate Manager and request a new certificate.

(2) If DNS is controlled by Route 53, then click the "Create record in Route 53" button for each domain

(3) Wait for the status of the certificate to become "Issued"

(4) Make note of the guid in the Identifier field for the new certificate

(5) Navigate to Services > Elastic Beanstalk > (environment of interest)

(6) Click the "Configuration" item on the left pane

(7) Under "Load Balancers" click the Edit button

(8) In the Listeners pane, select the row for port 443; then navigate to Actions > Edit

(9) Update the SSL Certificate to match the guid noted above, and click Save

(10) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Apply

(11) Wait for Elastic Beanstalk to update the environment