Visual SourceSafe Analyzer

Visual SourceSafe comes with an analysis tool file which Microsoft recommends you to run every three to six months to keep the database from corrupting.

Default LocationC:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VSS\win32\
Typical Command"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VSS\win32\ANALYZE.EXE" -f -c -v4 "{srcsafe-ini-folder}1"

1 The folder of the srcsafe.ini file can be found via the SourceSafe client by navigating to File menu > SourceSafe Database. This will open the Open SourceSafe Database dialog. The folder of interest is in the Path column, as shown below.


Help Text
Usage: analyze [options] <[SourceSafe DataBase][@Response File][List of files]>
   -? -h Display this help message.
   -b<folder> Specify the folder to use for backup.
   -c Compress unused space.
   -d Delete unused files.
   -f Automatically fix files with corruptions.
   -x Do not attempt to lock the database when analyzing (not recommended).
   -v1 Show only critical errors.
   -v2 Show only significant errors.
   -v3 Show all errors and inconsistencies.
   -v4 Show errors, inconsistencies, and informational notes.
   -i- When the analysis is complete the program exits.
Analyze Visual SourceSafe Version 6.0d (Build 31222)