Version Compatibility

Taken from AppDev Advanced Visual Basic 5.0, Chapter 30


Even if you change nothing, and re-build a copy of your component, VB assigns a new GUID (Globally Unique Identifier), breaking compatibility with client applications. VB provides a means to re-build the component while maintaining compatibility with client applications. It assumes you have not changed the component in a way that will break compatibility with the client applications (for example, changing data types of arguments or return values). Version Compatibility is found on the Project Properties dialog, on the Component tab, and is available only for ActiveX components. The options for Version Compatibility are as follows.


Setting Description
No Compatibility used to make a clean break, starting completely over. Be sure to change the name of the project to avoid overwriting older versions of it.
Project Compatibility for new development
Binary Compatibility for new versions of existing components. Once a released version is created, set Binary Compatibility with a copy of that component, so unchanged interfaces maintain the same GUID