sysjobhistory System Table - SQL Server 2000

Contains information about the execution of scheduled jobs by SQL Server Agent. This table is stored in the msdb database.

Column nameData typeDescription
instance_idintUnique identifier for the row.
job_iduniqueidentifierJob ID.
step_idintID of the step in the job.
step_namesysnameName of the step.
sql_message_idintID of any Microsoft® SQL Server™ error message returned if the job failed.
sql_severityintSeverity of any SQL Server error.
messagenvarchar(1024)Text, if any, of a SQL Server error.
run_statusintStatus of the job execution: 0 = failed; 1 = succeeded; 2 = retry; 3 = canceled; 4 = in progress.
run_dateintDate the job or step started execution. For an In Progress history, this is the date/time the history was written.
run_timeintTime the job or step completed.
run_durationintElapsed time in the execution of the job or step in HHMMSS format.
operator_id_emailedintID of the operator notified when the job completed.
operator_id_netsentintID of the operator notified by a message when the job completed.
operator_id_pagedintID of the operator notified by pager when the job completed.
retries_attemptedintNumber of retry attempts for the job or step.
servernvarchar(30)Name of the server where the job was executed.