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  1. System Overview

  1. Supplemental Details

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  1. People
    • Internal
    • External/Client

  1. Jargon

  1. Technologies Used (including versions)

  1. Developer Setup
    • Tools Required
    • Special Setup Procedures
    • User Profile Setup

  1. Source Code
    • Repository
    • Code Folders and Projects
    • High-Level Architecture Diagrams

  1. Code Patterns and Standards
    This section explains to developers how to code the various recurring elements of the application code.

  1. Design Elements
    This section explains how various underlying components of the application work.

  1. Database
    • Configuration Tables
    • Diagrams

  1. Environments
    • Web Server(s)
    • Website URL
    • Database Server(s)
    • Database Name(s)
    • SSRS Server
    • SSRS Folder(s)
    • SSRS Admin Page URL
    • Amazon Machine Name
    • Email Server

  1. Recurring Jobs

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