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Page History: Drop Every Foreign Key - SQL Server

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Page Revision: Thu, Jul 09, 2009, 3:21 PM

This page is part of the Foreign-Key Pages collection for SQL Server.

When executed against the database of interest, the following T-SQL code will generate a set of SQL statements which, when executed against the same database, will drop every foreign key in the database.

select distinct
    sql = 'alter table [' + onTable.name + '] drop constraint [' 
            + foreignKey.name + ']'

    sysforeignkeys fk

    inner join sysobjects foreignKey  
        on foreignKey.id = fk.constid

    inner join sysobjects onTable 
        on fk.fkeyid = onTable.id

    inner join sysobjects againstTable  
        on fk.rkeyid = againstTable.id

where 1=1
    AND againstTable.TYPE = 'U'
    AND onTable.TYPE = 'U'

order by 

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