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Page Revision: 2009/01/21 08:31


Welcome to Jasinski Fun Wiki, which currently has 48 pages.

How to Use This Wiki

Currently, only the administrator can create or edit pages, so the only thing anyone else can do is search for or read pages. Here are some suggestions to find what you're looking for. They all involve the Navigation sidebar, which is on the left side of every page.

  • Click the Random Page link. Each time it's clicked, it will bring up a random page in the wiki.

  • Click the All Pages link. This will bring up a complete index of all pages in the wiki. You can then browse or search the titles for words of interest.

  • Click the Categories link. This will bring up a list of all the categories into which pages are placed, such as Microsoft SQL Server, and everything from A to Z. From there, you can click on a category you suspect the page may be in, and you'll see a list of all pages in that category.

  • Use the Quick Search box to search all titles in the wiki.

  • Click the Advanced Search link to access the full text search facility. From that page, you can search all the text on all the pages in the wiki, or within a subset of categories.

ScrewTurn Wiki version Some of the icons created by FamFamFam. Except where noted, all contents Copyright © 1999-2009, Patrick Jasinski.